How your skin regime can impact your health

Something we never get told is the magnitude of importance regarding what we put on our skin. Our skin is a direct channel to our blood stream and these days we are putting so many moisturisers, shaving creams, makeup brands, cleansers and tanners on our body that are packed with harmful chemicals. These chemicals can not only cause sensitive skin to completely rebel but they also contain these nasty little guys called xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens have a way of mimicking the natural hormonal messengers that our endocrine system sends throughout the body. This is particularly harmful to the hormone sensitive organs such as the uterus and the breast.

Deodorants with aluminium are being applied directly to the lymph nodes under our armpits which is why a lot of research is being done into the relationship between these chemicals and breast cancer. This can also be what contributes to a lot of women’s hormonal imbalances over their lifetime. But it isn’t just women who are effected. A build of xenoestrogens have been identified in many conditions including prostate and testicular cancer as well as obesity and infertility.

Our first point of call with our health usually tends to be diet and eliminating the toxins we ingest, and rightfully so! However, we need to start looking at our chemical exposure holistically and be aware of where else we may be absorbing excess toxins. The easiest and fastest change to make is your skin closely followed by looking at what water you’re drinking, what you are cleaning your house with and what plastics you’re storing your food in.

Do yourself a favour and try to eliminate the toxic face washes, wipes and rubs and invest your time and money into natural products. This earth is absolutely bursting with natural options such as honey, aloe, tea tree and coconut. But if you prefer a skincare regime there are just so many beautiful brands out there without the harmful chemicals. Nourished Life is my favourite online database where there is an abundance of options all in one spot. Give it a go, just one product at a time and I promise you’ll notice the difference.

Kristy West – Lifestyle Author



Products I use:

Deodorant: Black Chicken Remedies

Face and Body: Endota Organics or Organic Sesame Oil

Shampoo and Conditioner: Aveda

Makeup: Nude by Nature

Soap: Natural Soap from the market

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