Apple iPhone 7: Apple’s next handheld device

The next addition to Apple’s illustrious tech repertoire, set for release this year is the iPhone 7. Well, that’s what it’s being referred to, as for now. There’s rumour that Apple will hold on to the ‘iPhone 7’ name until further technology is developed, in which case, Apple will aim to release it later in 2017. We’ll wait to see what happens on that front, but for now we’ll dive into what we know about the upcoming iPhone release.

A handful of rumours suggest that the iPhone 7 will be released in 3 different forms.

1- The iPhone 7; The standard upgrade to the iPhone 6, nothing special, a no frills update to the dependable iPhone 6. The main difference, which will be included on all models is the lack of 3.5mm headphone jack. The jack will be removed and replaced with bluetooth headphone capability as well as lightning connection headphones.

2- The iPhone 7 Plus; The direct descendant of the iPhone 6 plus doesn’t offer much in term of upgrade, apart from starting at a minimum of 32gb storage. As for the headphone jack, it will be replaced, much like the standard iPhone 7.

3- The iPhone 7 Pro is where things get interesting. The 7 Pro offers users a dual-lense camera, minimum 32gb storage and smart connector. We’re sure that the 7 Pro isn’t limited to these upgrades, but it’s one hell of a start.

That’s about all the detail available on the upcoming release apart from the fact that users should expect a September release. Apple tend to keep things pretty tight with upcoming released. However, we’ll endeavour to keep you all updated with all happenings from the Apple camp over the coming months.


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