Perth: 5 Must-Do’s

I paid my first visit to Perth last month and to say it was amazing is an understatement. There aren’t many places that I’ve visited that I’ve immediately felt drawn to enough for me to feel as though I could see myself living there – but this has it.

If you’re anything like me, big cities and big crowds don’t do much for you. Perth has a sleepier feel but is still very much alive. There are fresh health food cafes, markets, vintage shops, sunshine and book shops around every corner. You don’t have to battle to get anywhere, it’s just … easy. It’s a way of life that I very much loved to be a part of.

Even though I’m a self-confessed health nerd here are my five must-dos that I feel like anybody and everybody would enjoy.

South Fremantle – this is where I first fell in love with Perth. A lazy Friday morning spent wandering the cobblestone streets I was one of above 5 people on the main drag. I hopped in and out of health food stores, book shops, vintage clothes stores and small boutiques. The houses are beautiful and everything is beautiful and South Fremantle is beautiful.

Fremantle Markets – these markets are one of the best quality markets I’ve been to for a while. It’s small and it’s not quite as extensive as the South Melbourne markets however everything is quality. You don’t have to search through hundreds of time waster stalls. There’s everything you need from a naturopathic store to a stall that sells patches, to fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade candles, sushi, kebabs, noodles, handmade threads, natural soaps, henna tattoos, popcorn and leather bags and shoes.

Rottnest Island – the best way to do Rottnest is by bike. Surprisingly it’s larger than you think as we found out the hard way. We spent 6 hours there and wish we’d stayed longer. The end of our bike trip was a bit of a rush but we tend to have a bit of a desire to see as much as we can. If you’re happy to just cycle to a few different beaches and feel content 6 hours is enough for you. We took a picnic lunch and rode counterclockwise around the island. We stopped to snorkel at a secluded part of the island that was riddled with divinely coloured fish, bright coral and crystal clear waters. There are so many places to choose from but you can get a pretty good idea of the quality of sea life around the island from the map at the information center. Let’s not forget about the Quokkas too – the cutest little marsupials you’ll ever see.

(The featured image on our homepage is a snorkeling beach at Rottnest)

Cottesloe Beach Club – Our Air Bnb was in Cottesloe and it’s safe to say that it’s a beautiful part of Perth that must be seen. The beach club I went to twice in our 5 day stay. Once with a friend and once with the boyfriend because it was so good the first time. It’s not even that the food is the best part – it’s more the atmosphere. It’s open and free like you imagine a beach club in the islands. Sun pours in from the open shutters and the whole aesthetic is whites, woods and blues. Even if you just went for a drink and watched the sunset – it’s worth the visit.

Subiaco – we didn’t spend long here but it had a really beautiful vibe. We didn’t go on the weekend so we didn’t get to go to the markets unfortunately but I imagine they’re wonderful. We just strolled up and down the Main Street looking at different cafes and shops. I found the most amazing whole foods cafe called Living Green cafe where you can make your own lunches and t had a vast range of whole food, raw and natural treats.

If you’re headed to Perth for a few days or a few weeks, there’s more than enough to keep you going. Since I was only there for a handful of days I definitely felt I could have stayed longer.  I can only dream of driving from Perth to Broome but apparently we “can’t holiday every month” *eye roll*

Kristy West – Lifestyle Author



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