Throne 1.5: Brooklyn

Very rarely do I find myself desiring any form of quartz watch. The Throne 1.5 Brooklyn is an exception. Minimal quartz watches are a dime-a-dozen at the moment, every Daniel Wellington want-to-be can produce a decent looking, cheaply made minimal watch within a few hours of chatting with a Chinese supplier. Throne broke the trend of the typical minimal watch with their initial release, the Throne 1.0: a sleek, sophisticated quartz timepiece and horween leather strap born and built in Brooklyn, NYC. They’ve backed it up with the glorious Throne 1.5 collection. 3 locations, 3 inspirations, 100 pieces each. The favourite obviously being Throne’s hometown of Brooklyn.

The Throne 1.5 ‘Brooklyn’ features a black stainless steel case, Swiss Ronda calibre 1009 gold-plated movement, sapphire anti-reflective coated crystal and Throne’s own handmade horween leather strap. These specifications aren’t anything special on their own. it’s not hard to find a watch with any or all of these features. However, it’s the execution that causes Throne to stand out from the crowd.

I’m going to let the photos do the rest of the talking on this one. This watch is insanely well designed, and the links to it’s heritage are obvious. When thinking about this timepiece, I can only take on Brooklyn native Jay-Z’s advice and wear all black for a year straight.

Get your Throne 1.5 in the Brooklyn, Los Angeles or Boston colourway here.



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