Do I want a Samsung Note 8?

I have had every iPhone to date, but as an Apple fan boy, you have to admit this is one aesthetically pleasing phone.
Not only does this phone have the looks but it also ticks all the boxes when it comes to features.

Waterproof – Check
Quick Charing – Check
Wireless charging – Check
S Pen – Check
Dual Camera – Check
High-Resolution QHD+ OLED Display – Check

I have been longing for these features in my iPhone for so long, but am I going to switch?
Well to answer this, we have to look further than the iPhone. Apple don’t just make iPhones, they make a whole range of products including software.
This continuity between products outweighs the features that this one device can have.

I guess i’ll just keep waiting for Apple’s “Next big thing”. From what the leaks are telling us; these features in an iPhone aren’t far away…

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